Introduction: William Brierre

I am a Political Science major pursuing the International Studies certificate and a Spanish minor.  Also, I am considering a minor in Economics.  I have a broad interest base ranging from math to history to science to sport.  That being said I do not feel that English is my strongest subject.  As of now I am still unsure of what career I want to pursue but am leaning toward working globally (possibly in Spain) for an international entity such as the State Department.  I have no major preference for literature as per what I like to read and write about and can do these things capably for a variety of styles of writing and themes.  Other than filling a block requirement, from this course I hope to become more learned in British writing as I have family in Britain and have enjoyed reading other works by British authors (such as Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights).  What’s more I hope to continue to hone my writing skills.

Introduction: Jessica Provencher

My name is Jessica Provencher. I’m a sophomore majoring in Art History and working on a minor in History, although I started out majoring in Computer Science. As much as I enjoy working with computers, I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my and instead I’d rather study something I’ve always loved…History. I didn’t decide to major in History, but to my surprise I really enjoy studying the history of art, particularly 16th-19th century art. I’ve always loved to read and since I love History, my favorite type of books and movies just happen to be historical fiction, especially those about monarchs. Besides historical fiction books, some of my other favorite books are Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and Angels and Demons. Besides reading, playing video games and being an avid shoe collector, my favorite thing to do is play tennis. I started playing in elementary school and have loved it ever since.

I really enjoyed the readings from Major British Writers I, so I thought I’d take part II and see how that goes. In this class, I hope to expand my knowledge of literature and obtain a better understanding of it and the events that influence the subject of the writing.

Introductions: Christopher Hollingsworth

Hello, my name is Christopher Hollingsworth. I am a junior, an English major, and an aspiring comic book writer. That being said, it should come as no surprise that I consider myself to be an “enthusiast of popular culture esoterica.”(or, in layman’s terms, nerd.) As such I have a wide range of interests including video games, comic books, film, and an eternally empty wallet.

That being said, what I hope to gain from this class is pretty standard. I’m looking to gain both exposure to literature which I would not typically seek out on my own, and a required course credit for my major.

Introduction: Dmitry Yevtushenko

My name is Dmitry. I’m a junior majoring in English Literature, hoping to gain from the major as a whole and all the courses it has to offer, whether they are specific set requirements or ones of my own choosing, the knowledge and understanding of the transition in the writing styles from the past to present, and possibly the future. I mostly enjoy modern and post-modern literature, but I also like Victorian era writers. My favorites are the works of Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde, having read a few of their texts before. Other than that, I enjoy science fiction, especially the one text I can think of right now that serves as the earliest example, a precursor, if you will, of the genre: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Other than the examination and analysis of older styles forming into new ones through the British eras in regards to literature, I also hope to gain a sense of historical knowledge and interpretation of each individual writer read throughout the semester as well as being able to form greater aesthetic inquiry among the texts we read.

In my spare time, I’ve found myself writing plays, screenplays, novels, short stories, novellas, and furthermore. I’ve been doing this for roughly six years. Because of my obvious passion for creative writing, others have suggested to me many times to add the creative writing certificate that is offered. I am still in the process of making said decision.

Introduction: Amber Teachnor

I’m Amber Teachnor, a senior studying Music, English, and Education major (one major just wasn’t enough pain). People really interest me. The way someone processes a piece of information and acts upon it entirely differently from another person, based upon their own life experiences, motivations, preferences and personality — this fascinates me. I love learning about tendencies in thought and the way we relate to the world and each other and internalize it with our own understandings of reality. I spent 12 months in England while studying music and psychology, living in a house of university students as the only American. Becoming involved in their great circle of friends was such an enlightening, fun time and an incredible learning experience in another perspective of the world. It completely changed how I perceive, think, and react to almost everything in life.

I love exploring the way kids think, and I know without a doubt I want to teach. I’ve been involved with leading in children and youth ministries for several years, and apart from getting the awesome privilege of teaching about the values and lifestyle and amazing message of Christ’s love to kids, my favorite aspect of the jobs has always been getting to witness the diverse levels and styles of mental processing and development among the kids, appreciating their funny tendencies, reasoning and logic, and building relationships with them, becoming part of one of the factors shaping and (hopefully positively) influencing their lives.

Somewhat along these lines, I hope to expand my knowledge of this period of great literature and gain an understanding of the backgrounds, motives and messages of the authors’ writings. Likewise, I look forward to learning more and gaining a fuller appreciation for the content and becoming more adept at extracting understanding from a text loaded with symbols and meaning and contexts.

Introduction: Will Boogert

My name is Will Boogert, and I’m a freshman. My first semester, I was a physics major, but now I am an English major. Some books I am reading now include Haruki Murakami’s IQ84, Truman Capote’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the Twilight Series, and Pride And Prejudice.

My intellectual interests include writing, which I do not regularly enough to be satisfying; reading, thankfully, which I’m glad I have time for in college; and watching old movies, because there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of attractive leading ladies from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Some of my favorite authors include Jack Kerouac, Jim Carroll, and John Keats, all of whose names start with “J”, which I hope is just a coincidence.

And here is a link to the blog I share with my cousin.

Introduction: David Glover

I’m David Glover, a freshman computer science major from Tuscola, Texas.  It is a small town, so I have an appreciation for wide open spaces, the quiet, and a slow paced lifestyle.  I’m also about as left-brained as it gets, so most of my thoughts are analytical and computational, not intuitive or experiential.  However, I learned that in order to make the right side of my brain semi-operational, I would have to step out of my geeky comfort zone.  Therefore, I participated in UIL Academics – Literary Criticism in high school and even competed on the state level, despite the fact that Jane Austen was just a little too flowery for me.  I also took four years of art.  I did consider pursuing a degree in technical writing at one time, but opted out when I realized how much right-brained creativity it would require of me.

I learned to appreciate many literary works when competing in UIL, especially the works of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.  Even though these authors will not be covered much in this class, I will enjoy learning about other authors and maybe can discover some new favorites.  English history is interesting and I hope to learn how the authors, poets, and statesmen responded to the times they lived in with their creative minds.  I hope this class will broaden my knowledge in an area that continues to interest me.

Introduction: Jeff Drouin

My name is Jeff Drouin. When entering college, I had wanted to be a creative writer like James Joyce but soon found that I was more interested in academics. It was the musical and highly visual quality of Joyce’s prose that drew me to other authors of his period such as Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner. As I progressed through the English major, my interest in 20th Century literature deepened until a year abroad in England crystallized my desire to study British and Irish modernism in graduate school. So I completed a senior thesis on musical form and psychology in the “Sirens” episode of Ulysses and have been writing about Joyce ever since. The poetic quality of modernist fiction has also led me to study Proust, on whose novel À la recherche du temps perdu I am completing a project related to church architecture and digital media.

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar and riding a motorcycle. I think the musical and mechanical nature of both these activities pair with what I love about modernist prose and digital humanities.