Lines Left Upon A Seat – Andrew Mather

“Lines Left Upon A Seat” contrasts the Enlightenment most directly in its portrayal of nature as a place of ultimate peace and happiness. The man described in this poem goes there to live in quiet happiness, disgusted with modern society. While it ultimately doesn’t serve to grant him true happiness, nature is still presented as a major factor in personal satisfaction, that it is the natural setting for joy.

Interestingly, this story actually displays a slightly Enlightenment thought, that society is actually needed in some form. While it doesn’t say that humanity needs to run like a machine, it does stress that a life lived in solitude in nature isn’t the right way to live, that to be truly happy one must seek human connections. Romanticism is known for introspection, so it’s seems rare to me that it would acknowledge the need for other people and their viewpoints.


One thought on “Lines Left Upon A Seat – Andrew Mather

  1. OK, you’ve got a nuanced interpretation here — that the poem does seem to embody some aspect of Enlightenment thinking — but you need to back it up with evidence. Quote the passage that shows this and then explain how it works.

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