Youth found in BLAST

BLAST can be thought of as a clear expression of youth through the vorticism used as well as the ideas being expressed in the articles. BLAST was a clear example of the term vorticism, which means bringing a lot of stuff into an identifiable point of tangibility and then blowing it all up. In BLAST, all of the stuff being brought together is the youthful ideas of standing up to the authority figures of the Victorian period. Essentially what they are telling all of society with BLAST is “fuck you”. The writers of BLAST attempted to send a message to all of society, but specifically the members of society who still held Victorian ideas. The message they were trying to send was being “BLASTED” out to society with the obnoxious pink cover and bold lettering, illustrating the writers’ anger and frustration with society. Their message is also illustrated in their words found in BLAST.

In BLAST, there is a common back and forth between blessing and blasting whatever they decide to talk about. They bless then blast certain things to illustrate that they don’t want to take a side on anything. They “fight first for one side, then on the other, but always for the SAME cause”, which is to show that they don’t want to follow the messed up society around them. The writers of BLAST express youth through their frustration with society and their refusal to conform to what is around them. They must go against whatever authority figures are out there and make their message known by BLASTing it out.


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