Quadrophenia shows that from the Romantics, to victorians, and now to the Modernist youth has stayed fairly the same, except now in the Modern times they are disillusioned by great institutions because of World War 1 something that greatly changed the face of Europe. Throughout the whole thing Jimmy is trying to decide whether conformity of the mods is really for him or if he is better off being himself. He struggles with realizing that everything he believed in when it comes to the mods is sort of a fake, seen in the “Bell Boy” and “The Punk Meets the Godfather”. He is yearning for connections and love, something that he has yet to find with the mods which confuses him even more. This trying to find his place is something that youth have always tried to find and to create within themselves, and answer questions that help them become something more than themselves. The search for identity is something that youths have been doing for years, and Jimmy’s search nicely sums up the topic that we have been trying to understand throughout the semester.


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