Quadrophenia the Movie

I felt that the movie did a great job portraying Jimmy’s identify crisis. At the source of his angst is his constant questioning of who he is. The song “The Real Me” shows his struggle to see how others view him. Throughout the entire movie there was a constant feeling of uneasiness in Jimmy. He clearly is passionate about being a Mod, but discovers he is overly dedicated to the group. He never feels completely accepted at home or with his friends, even his parents question who he is. The scene when his Mom kicks him out of the house shows the unsettlement in his house: “Can you see the real me, Mama? Mama? Can you see the real me, Mama? Whoa, Mama” (The Real Me). Once he is on the street he just roams as though he is seeking his identity. The background music to the last scene is “I’ve Had Enough”:

“I’ve had enough of dancehalls,

I’ve had enough of pills,

I’ve had enough of street fights,

I’ve seen my share of kills,

I’m finished with the fashions,

And acting like I’m tough,

I’m bored with hate and passion,

I’ve had enough of crime and love.”

As this song plays he runs a motorbike off a cliff and it is left to the audience to guess if he jumped too. Questioning who he is has become too much and this is how he handles the stress. I have come to the conclusion that he jumps off the bike before it flies over the cliff. Although Jimmy struggles with mental illness and many other things, I believe he is just blowing off steam in this scene. I don’t think he was devoted to jumping off the cliff.


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