Youthful Rebellion in Blast.

Blast takes the concepts and idealistic thoughts of youth and condenses them into a single publication. It seems as though if the magazine were a person, one could easily see him standing atop a police car at any given rally, swinging his shirt over his head and screaming obscenities. It is a pure expression of youthful angst. In the first article, “Long Live the Vortex,” the writer casts away care for “the sacripant Past” and “the sentimental Future” (9). The youths of the day cared neither for the past nor the future. They want nothing of the day’s philosophies or cultural norms, they “only want the world to live, and to feel it’s crude energy flowing through us” (9). Rebellious youths, especially those of the 20th century forged their own way with their own ideologies, the old guard had no say in their future. The magazine also criticizes many of the institutions of England such as the shipping trade, the navy and ports. Satirically, they write “Bless England!” and “bless all ports” to criticize the great national pride of England in the early 20th century- pride that led to decades of war (24, 25). Blast gave those who never lost their youthful, rebellious spirit a place to vent their frustrations with the status quot.


One thought on “Youthful Rebellion in Blast.

  1. I definitely agree that the pieces we read were angsty teen personified. I think this is especially prevalent in how the text is presented, the bibliographic coding, as well. There are a lot of words underlined and a lot of things in all caps, which kind of mimics how a young teenager thinks and speaks- most things are blurted out and given emphasis and it just ends up that everything is emphasized. The first manifesto is very scattered on the page, but it does seem to follow some train of thought as it works its way down and across the pages. I think this is very representative of a youth’s mind and how we see it because most of the time, they’re making connections that might seem disconnected, but in their minds, the jump from one topic to the next make perfect sense. This comes across in both the layout of the text and the actual text itself.

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