Youth Represented in BLAST

Youth is found in BLAST in its passion for art.  The main concentration of the “Manifesto” is on art and how England is the prime area for an art explosion.  BLAST does not seem to care about more serious matters such as an impending war but is focused on reviving the art culture of England.  However, many war metaphors are used in BLAST perhaps showing how despite the seemingly unrelated content of BLAST, war has managed to permeate even the artistic culture of England. The focus on art in light of current events points to youthful authors and a youthful audience.  BLAST seems to be waging a war of its own on the lack of artistic talent in England perhaps trying “fix” the British culture by inspiring the young artists of the day to pursue their dreams.


One thought on “Youth Represented in BLAST

  1. I agree with the points you point out such as where youth is found especially in blast. They do tend to focus on the war as well but the way I look at it is that they are trying to take a new approach at addressing what is going on. They specifically say in the Long Live The Vortex they are not trying to fix or change someone they are simply trying to let the strict minded explore their imagination. In a sense this is trying to fix someone but more or so I think that they wanted to let many audiences know that they can express this freedom, creativity, and imagination without being frowned upon or looked at differently.

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