Youth in “Letters Written in France”

In Helen Maria Williams’ letter to her friend, she wrote about the many times in her travel of her strong passion for the events of the French Revolution. She writes that “one must be present , to form any judgement on the scene”(Williams, 109) because there was no way to make someone who did not experience the federation firsthand know how it felt to be in the assembly. Being a youth is about having strong emotions, and that is exactly what Helen Maria Williams experienced in Paris. She describes the people feeling unified, as “the distinctions of rank were forgotten”(Williams, 110). Unity is brought into the age of youth since everyone is in the same state of life, wandering, and trying to find out where there place in the world is.

Williams visit to the prison also shows her youthful activity during the Revolution. She writes that she felt “a much stronger desire to contemplate the ruins of that building than the most beautiful edifices in Paris”(Williams,110). She would rather see the decayed part of the city that has seen many rough years than something that was attractive to look at. Her “strong spirit of curiosity”(Williams 111) drove her to experience the skeletons and the dungeons that escalated her passion for the Revolution.


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