Shelley’s youthfulness from the sublime

Shelley’s usage of his words and phrases “antique”, “shattered”, “boundless and bare”  made me imagine I was in an old and not very prosperous place.  I thought of old because of the word antique and the words shattered, boundless, and bare made me imagine a destroyed and unwanted area.  His line, “Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,” then made me consider something that would destroy old age or something being antique.  I thought of this because when something “survives”, it continues to live.  This demonstrates youth.

Also, when something gets “stamped on”, it is normally destroyed or overcome.  This shows that you have power over whatever you are stamping on.   When Shelley uses the phrase “stamped on these lifeless things”  it makes me think that death/old things are being demolished.  Thinking that old things are being removed, the opposite of old is young.  This makes me consider the youthfulness that Shelley depicts from the awe-inspiring vocabulary he uses.


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