Similarities between In a Station of the Metro and Eveline

Within Ezra Pound’s In a Station of the Metro and James Joyce’s Eveline, there was one enormous element that stood out to me. Both pieces of writing are from the viewpoint of an individual who from the outside appears to be just observing the world around. Pounds mentions, “the apparition       of these faces,” while Joyce begins his piece with the narrator saying, “ she sat at the window watching the evening invade the avenue.” Both quotes portray a person who has taken a step back to observe something. Although both narrators are observing different things, one the people around them and the other their own life, they both leave looming feelings of uncertainty at the close of the text.


Though these two pieces of writing are drastically different in topic and style of writing, their tone is the same. The way the words are written allows a reader to feel a rhythm that essential to communicating the message of the writing. Besides the spaces in In a Station of the Metro designed to create an emotional resonance by prolonging the reader just slightly before the next set of text, the piece is similar to Eveline because it uses colorful language that inserts you into the writing. Both pieces of writing are developed to make you understand precisely what the narrator is going through.

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