Reading Blast, I was surprised by how bold it was. The writers did not hesitate to experiment with new styles. There was experimentation in both the design of the magazine and also in the actual writing. I was slightly shocked so I can only imagine how the contemporary readers reacted. The bright colors of the cover set out to catch the reader’s attention. Once one opened the magazine, they tried to keep them interested by using an unexpected style. The pages featured some sketches and also arranged the writing in ways that were not at all conventional. The editors made use of page breaks, punctuation, capitalization and blank spaces when arranging their work. 

The style was interesting, but I feel as if it distracted from the actual writing, which was really not exceptional. I think they focused more on the way that a poem looked, and not the quality of their writing. I understand that they were trying to start a revolution. Trying too hard, in my opinion. By trying to start a movement that didn’t conform to all of the previous art forms, they were trying to get the contemporary artists to conform to their new style. Poetry should be visualized because of the quality of the words. The arrangement of the words and the punctuation should add to the poem, not be the focus. 


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