War Poets Exhibition

After reading the magazine through, I eventually solved the confusion of some of the blank pages. However, there were some very interesting stories and images throughout Manifesto and Long Live the Vortex. I found the images to somewhat relate to the stories, although many of them abstract, they seemed to be just as descriptive as the writing itself. The violent style struct me as something surprising to see in a magazine. Having such detail in a piece of work really allows a reader to get a sense of what the author was thinking and feeling during such a scary time. It also made it a lot interesting to see the abstract interpretations of the gory scene that these men may have encountered.

Some of the stories had very strong detail, giving the reader a very real sense of what it was like during that time of turmoil.While reading BLAST, it was quite surprising to hear some of the stories that were told in the magazine. I also found that the pieces used a lot of anti-modernist ideas that seemed to represent. It seems as though this would have been a very humorous magazine, however its possible to see how it could have been controversial to the literature at the time.


One thought on “War Poets Exhibition

  1. I’m glad you’ve attempted to compare some of the visual material with the literary content, but you need to quote from the text or provide page numbers (or better yet, links) to the items you’re talking about. Otherwise the discussion is abstract.

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