Our Society vs Darwin

“Our Society at Cranford” has several similar points with Darwin’s writing. Survival of the fittest. Darwin is about adapting, the strong will survive and the weak shall perish. In ‘Our Society at Cranford’, Miss Jenkyns is appalled at Capt Brown for helping out someone that is weak and responds with her opinion on the situation. “This was thought very eccentric; and it was rather expected that he would pay a round of calls, on the Monday morning, to explain and apologise to the Cranford sense of propriety: but he did no such thing: and then it was decided that he was ashamed, and was keeping out of sight”. Yet, the irony of Miss Jenkyns is that she needs help herself in the end. Darwin uses the same concept and creates examples through nature. He also says that in order to survive you must adapt and depend on others. This concept Miss Jenkyns does not understand in her own community even though it is forced onto her when she becomes weak.


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