The Theater of the Absurd indeed! This was a crazy story and entertaining for someone with a warped sense of humor. This was not just merely meant to be a twisted play with bizarre dialogue; however, it seems that there are many things that it addresses in a strange manner. One thing is the idea of the past that is held by Western Civilization. Throughout the play was a very strange admiration and love for the past, even though it brought them to their future position which they hate,
“HAMM: I love the old questions. (With fervour.) Ah the old questions, the old answers, there’s nothing like them!” As well as, “NAGG: I had it yesterday. NELL (elegiac): Ah yesterday. (They turn painfully towards each other.)”. It almost a love hate relationship for these characters, just as it is for Western Civilization.
The Wasteland is similar to this play in its description of nature. There is no happiness or joy found in nature,
“HAMM: Nature has forgotten us. CLOV: There’s no more nature. HAMM: No more nature! You exaggerate. CLOV: In the vicinity. HAMM: But we breathe, we change! We lose our hair, our teeth! Our bloom! Our ideals! CLOV: Then she hasn’t forgotten us.”

All nature does in this play is diminish the lives of humans. It shows how feeble the characters are and watches as they waste away. Just as the wasteland uses nature to only depress and show death as opposed to life. Both of these stories portray the negative aspects of nature.


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