WWI Experience

Strolling through the 3D war zone as a cat (for I had decided that that would be the ideal way to sneak around the trenches without drawing too much attention to myself), I eventually found my way to the “hospital” area of the trenches, where I remained for a bit and listened to some of the stories of past soldiers and how they were treated for their wounds which they received during the fighting. One of the soldiers described how there were no beds for the patients to lay on; they simply remained on the stretchers to be treated or taken care of. And because there were so many soldiers constantly getting injured and needing treatment,  there were never enough doctors or nurses to attend to each one. There was another man who had his leg amputated and told of how it was “just a normal procedure for the doctor,” it was just a simple job for him, and how the doctor didn’t even really look at him. It was as if the war and all of its violence had caused the doctors to forget that they were treating human beings, they had become desensitized to all of the horrors.

I also saw a few rats scurrying about hither and thither, and while I was initially tempted to chase after them, the human part of me took back control and caused me to marvel at the hideousness of the conditions in which all of these soldiers had to live. Walking through all of the trenches, seeing the small tents for sleeping, and staring at all of the (virtual) mud, dirt, and barrenness, I was able to visualize for the first time exactly what life in the trenches was like. The visual aspect combined with the firsthand accounts of war stories and poems allowed for a much better sense of the horrific nature of the war.


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