Marriage of Heaven and Hell

These pictures all very much add to the dark descrition of the poem. The flames leaping up out of the blackness evoke a sense that even nature itself is against mankind, which adds to the romantic style of the poem in that it uses nature as a force which interacts with man or as the poem says, “Then the perilous path was planted: And a river, and a spring On every cliff and tomb; And on the bleached bones Red clay brought forth.” This line once agian embodies the Romantic nature of this poem. I did not find much that complicated the poem, more so it seemed to compliment the poem very well.


4 thoughts on “Marriage of Heaven and Hell

  1. I agree, the pictures that went along with the poem did seem to compliment it well. I also saw the way Blake placed the pictures on the page (scene depicting Hell on the top and Heaven on the bottom) added to his “upside down” thinking. This was the time in which Christianity was beginning to be questioned, and Blake was basically writing about it in “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.”

    • I’m glad you mentioned that about the scenes of hell being on top and Heaven on bottom adding to his “upside down” thinking. It hadn’t even occurred to me that Blake intentionally placed the images that way. I think I was too caught up in the words of the poem and less with the images.

  2. I also have to agree with you that the pictures did compliment the poem well. Originally I was gonna do the first option but I found it a little challenging because I felt like I could not find an image that complicated the poem more than it complimented, especially with the image you choose. I was work with that image but I felt it just embodied that whole part of the poem on the plate.

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