The Marriage of Heaven and Hell illustration

I feel the image on the twenty-fourth page of “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” ( makes a profound impact on the text. This image accompanies the scene where in, after hearing a devil’s argument, an angel, “stretched out his arms embracing the flame of fire and was consumed and arose as Elijah.” When originally reading the text, I did not realize how terrible and frightening this must have been for the angel. When observing the illustration, however, the angel’s profound shock and terror at the devil’s seemingly sacrilegious revelation is clearly displayed on his face, offering the reader new insight to this character and the relevance of the events in the text.


One thought on “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell illustration

  1. I completely agree. After reading I was just flipping through the pictures in order to find the one that I think worked well for my point. However, you bring to light such a revelation. I also did not recognize the terror that must have ensued, however that image really did put it into perspective.

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