Introduction: Jessica Provencher

My name is Jessica Provencher. I’m a sophomore majoring in Art History and working on a minor in History, although I started out majoring in Computer Science. As much as I enjoy working with computers, I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my and instead I’d rather study something I’ve always loved…History. I didn’t decide to major in History, but to my surprise I really enjoy studying the history of art, particularly 16th-19th century art. I’ve always loved to read and since I love History, my favorite type of books and movies just happen to be historical fiction, especially those about monarchs. Besides historical fiction books, some of my other favorite books are Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and Angels and Demons. Besides reading, playing video games and being an avid shoe collector, my favorite thing to do is play tennis. I started playing in elementary school and have loved it ever since.

I really enjoyed the readings from Major British Writers I, so I thought I’d take part II and see how that goes. In this class, I hope to expand my knowledge of literature and obtain a better understanding of it and the events that influence the subject of the writing.


One thought on “Introduction: Jessica Provencher

  1. We’ll be looking at paintings and other visual art in order to help contextualize the readings. So I hope you’ll be a strong contributor when we discuss those. If I hadn’t gone into English, I think I would have studied art history. Welcome to the course!

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